Rainfall, Temperature & Wind data for Morpeth (Berry Park)

All the following data has been collected for my own interests since 1994. Rainfall has been recorded daily since 1st January 1994 using a Bureau of Meteorology standard 203mm rain gauge and for a limited time, a Nylex 1000.

The temperatures were first recorded on the 16th of December 1994 and there has been a daily collection of max and min temps since that day. The instruments used were the Bureau of Meteorology standard Dobbie Max & Min thermometers exposed in a large size Stevenson screen. The bulbs of the thermometer were approximately 1.4 metres above the ground when placed inside the screen.

From October 1996 an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) was erected using a data logging system. This AWS provided temperature and wind data. The temperature sensors, which are the PT100 type, have proven to be very accurate even though they are not to the BoM standard. I have used some of the Max & Min temp values from the AWS when I have been away and to fill in any missed days. 

The wind sensors from the AWS have been a headache to me at times as they became unstable at one stage and it took me about 6 months to get a good understanding on how to just program the stupid things!!!! (o:  Besides these little annoying problems, when working fine they are fairly accurate. The wind data provided have been checked for errors.  As much as I love to fool someone, I didn't add some of those values that gave readings like 16 km/h when it was about 50 km/h and when it read 170 km/h as max gust on a calm day!!! (o:

Location and Coordinates:

Morpeth (Berry Park), NSW

Latitude: 32.44 S

Longitude: 151.40 E

Elevation: 8.0 m

Daily Rainfall, Temperature & Wind Extremes up until Dec 2000:     

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