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    Wintery cold front brings snow
    Thursday, 16 November 2006

    A strong cold front has brought late season snow to the elevated areas of the Upper Hunter and Barrington Tops. The cold front passed through the region overnight, dropping temperatures to less then 10C by this morning at most populated areas of the Hunter. Snow started to fall in the early hours this morning on the Barrington Tops. By this afternoon, an average depth of 10cm laid on the ground in the higher parts of the Barrington Tops (1500m).

    The cold front was the most significant for November since 1996. Temperatures at the 500hpa level were as low as -32C. The highland snow was widespread across Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. Snowfalls were also reported in Queensland.

    Even though the temperatures were cold earlier in the day, the 24 hour maximum temperatures were not record breaking. This was due to the slight warming by the afternoon. Scone reached a maximum temperature of 18.8C while Williamtown reached 16.5C. These were the lowest maximum temperatures for November since 2001. The record lowest November maximum is 13.5C and 14.1C for Scone and Williamtown respectively.


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